These, are Just a Series of Exhales.

This is where I put all the things I'm too scared to say. Talk to me. I'm here to listen.

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Iraq has 4.5 million orphans. 4.5 million children do not have parents, a home, or any basic necessities.

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Channeling Emily’s Ghost

I am breathing bone
feet passed people
then too without
I am gone
unbraiding the sun
in several narrow shafts

Notice: noon

I am further alone—
attended by zero thought, more rides
when sudden boy stooping
all feet and floor and grass

Corn comb met
barefoot acre
then narrow
then tighter;

I am secure
wrinkled cool—

He opens me into divides,
into cordiality
into transport

I am a boggy May
I am whiplash seen
I am spotted nature

I know.


I look at myself
when I bathe.
What I give
to all the people
who do not want
to live with me
is arithmetic.